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Dating as far back as 1000 BC, evidence suggests that Celtic Britons were making and drinking a form of cider pressed from crab apples. But this small riverside city is a windsurfing, paddling, dining and drinking destination in its own right.Where the beverage truly originated is still up for debate. As the weather gets warmer and more people get outside, stopping for dinner in Hood River on your way back to Portland can become less a relaxing break, and more of a crowded hassle.There is now so much mud from so many sites that the only way to work out where it all came from would be to get in a team of archaeologists to dig it, which would be annoyingly counter-productive.Dump her now and you’ll never have to sleep in a bedroom that smells like a potato patch again.

I hope everyone who joins or is just interested in checking this out will help contribute ideas for future meetings...

Rubbing itchy, watery eyes may give the impression you’re bored and tired. Retrieved May 1, 2015 from, https://org/display.cfm?

So if you do have allergy symptoms, here are some dating scenarios you may find yourself in or want to avoid. And crying on the first date at a casual café over a latté, may give pause about date number two.

On days when the weather is nice and you have nothing to do but wander around hand in hand, your archaeologist can transform even the most mundane of suburban streets into a glorious patchwork of history, transporting you to other times and places and doing it all for free with a glint of passion in his eye that makes you fall in love all over again.

Boots, trousers, coats, hands, face, walls, food, sheets, ceiling. You’ve tried everything short of hosing your archaeologist down at the door (although you have got as far as pricing a few power sprays so that idea is still on the table), but still she has managed to drag enough soil into the house to have it reclassified as an allotment.

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