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You can check "Select all" to backup all data on your i Phone. Note: You are able to view the previous backup files before deciding the data to restore to your device the other time. Restore i Phone without Updating When the backup process is done, you can preview the details of the backup files. Or you can restore them to your device when you need them.

Restoring your i Phone without updating it is not that common, but people do it from time to time as a measure of keeping their current operating system installation or it can be useful as well when you don't have an internet connection.

The first step here is to connect your phone to your computer, something that can easily be done via the trustworthy USB cable that you received in your package when you bought the phone.

Once the phone is connected you should automatically see it appear in the i Tunes application.

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Orders placed after 12pm Fridays will not ship until the following Monday.The change made to i OS 7 (and carried through to i OS8 and i OS9) is that your i Phone, i Pad, or Apple Watch is now locked to your personal i Cloud account.This means when you restart your Apple device you have to enter your i Cloud username and password to access the features, functions, and files.This isn’t a big problem when you’re just using your i Phone, i Pad, or Apple Watch, but when you buy a second-hand i Phone from Star Gazer77 on e Bay, and he doesn’t either remove his i Cloud details or give you his access details, the phone is useless. It doesn’t matter if you reset it, jailbreak it, allow the battery to run completely flat, or pay someone to hack into it, you couldn’t use the phone.If you’ve updated to i OS 9.3 and you’re having trouble activating your i Phone or i Pad, don’t worry.

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