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מאז הוקמה ב-2007 על-ידי נתן אברהם גולדשמידט, רשת 280 צברה לזכותה 100,000 לקוחות מרוצים.

רוב לקוחותינו מגיעים בשיטת "פה לאוזן" ו"חבר מביא חבר", עדות לרמת השירות הגבוהה שלנו, הידע המקצועי והמחירים חסרי התחרות.

Users can also receive free address after they have sent and received 15 messages through the site.

One of the things that makes Single Baltic Lady stand out amongst other mail order bride websites is that it has 24-7 customer support.

Single Baltic Lady has thousands of women with ratable profiles that can be browsed through, and a system that allows you to interact with women who you find of interest.

Users can order flowers through a partner site, as well as send smiles to women that they like.

But If you are unsure about joining Single Baltic Lady all together, they allow you to send out your very first message for free.

With their clipboards and information packs, the men listen attentively to the induction speech in our hotel's conference room, given by tour leader John Carlton, who speaks in a Tennessee drawl.MY next semester will be very tough, a full load of courses, some of which I do not want to take, but I will do what i need to do. I think there are two kinds of ukr women, those that are too loyal to their men, and those that refuse to allow the men to boss them around.Raj, I am still still confused on what I should become, I keep on thinking about becoming a teacher, but I know I might not be satisfied with that career choice. I am of the second type of woman, and I am sure my stubborness is half my problem...קצת עלינו ברשת המשקפיים 280 כל אחד יכול לרכוש משקפיים איכותיים במחירים משתלמים.מלאי המותגים שלנו מתחדש בתכיפות, ומנהלי הרשת דואגים שיכלול סחורה ממיטב החברות ובעיצובי אופנתיים של מיטב המעצבים, בהתאמה לכל דרישה.

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