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She never had a real education, so her options to do anything else were limited; she was suddenly given a lot of freedom and the combination of freedom and money is totally dangerous.

In approximately one year, Bynes managed to go from beloved former child/teen actress to fizzled out mess.

Any Reset Button events in a Time Travel story are usually related to, or caused by, a Temporal Paradox.

For when the creators hit the Reset Button on a video game, see Bag of Spilling.

Queen Elizabeth's chefs noted her liking of them, and Shakespeare peppers his plays with references not only to pickles, but new uses of the word as metaphor: Oh, Hamlet, how camest thou in such a pickle? (Anthony and Cleopatra, Act 2, Scene 5.)Before Amerigo Vespucci set out to explore the New World, he was a pickle peddler in Seville, Spain.

June 5, Obama officially promotes highly controversial United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to the administration cabinet post of National Security Adviser, being vacated by Tom Donilon. August 31, Obama announces to the nation from the White House Rose Garden, he will seek Congressional authorization from the U. Congress to use military force against Syria for their use of chemical weapons.Jim Lehrer was the debate moderator for the evening. Senator John Kerry takes over as Secretary of State for the Obama Administration.Both Clinton and Kerry are former Senators and Democratic Presidential Candidates. October 3, President Barack Obama and Presidential challenger Mitt Romney engage in the first Presidential debate of the 2012 election in Denver Colorado. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton steps down after serving four years. Supreme court upheld the key part of the Arizona law allowing police to ask about immigration status.

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