French ladies dating

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Learn to stop after just one serving of Twitter, cable news, or video of a Nazi getting punched and you can enjoy these choice indulgences every day. Embrace Imperfection So there are still a few Trump apologists in your newsfeed (family). French women don’t get worked up over the small stuff.

Donate to Planned Parenthood in their names and call it a day.

Instead of talking to you, they spit at you; instead of working, they make you watch how they struggle with life – and they make you pay for it, bitches!But in this nearly perfect human picture, they usually have wide hips, reminding how they can comply perfectly with their reproductive role; a healthy XVIIIth century male peasant bone structure – they could easily wrestle a cow down to the ground; the way they express themselves has something awfully testosterone-ish about it; and when they smile, they show their upper gums way too generously." by Georges Biard" src="" alt="A good example of a gorgeous Dutch lady" width="397" height="561" srcset="," sizes="(max-width: 397px) 100vw, 397px"/Oh, oui, we French Parisians next to them look all so petite and elegant. We are completely stressed out – I believe they call it being “slightly” neurotic.We have the size of a nine-year-old Dutch citizen and we are the skinniest people of all France. We have this amazing talent to tire ourselves by being ourselves; so can you imagine what a gift we are to the rest of the world?Or maybe, just maybe, they are actually Mc Donald's second largest market in the world.Yep, 7 out of 10 meals in France eaten of the home are consumed at fast food joints. Although the French Mickey D’s do source all of their products from French farms, offer waiter service and macaroons, and even top their burgers with local cheese.

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