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Developers posted Snapchat might adding these features to its platform last week, but the duo just revealed the screen shots to prove it.Snapchat has offered video chatting since 2014, but the screenshots reveal this version is much closer to other popular calling apps on the market A bar above the text field has buttons to initiate an audio or video call.Learn more about using media to teach teamwork skills.Keep an eye on things to make sure the chatting, texting, and Face Time are actually for school.

You can reinforce the teamwork lesson by talking to your kid about how it feels to work as a team, including what you give up and what you gain.Luckily, using your Mac, you can record those calls to view later.Here's how you can record Face Time calls taken on both Mac and i Phone.i More's Serenity Caldwell uses this software to record instructional video with faraway skaters to give how-to tips and advice.Ecamm's Call Recorder for Face Time Let us know if you have any questions about recording Face Time calls in the comments below.

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