Dating site web design advice

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I need to know HOW to do the site; even though i appreciate it, i am not looking for opinions on whether or not if the site should be created.Thank you Hello Everyone, I want to start my own dating site.I have an amateur knowledge in creating static sites and for my new dating site venture, i have a feeling that i am going to need more than just a static html site.I don't know the coding / technology that i need to make this happen.Our work in this area stems from the creation of a range of websites that allow users to interact with the site upon signing in.With areas of privileged access, our systems allow for a richer user experience.

Reason why i want to know what goes into dating site is so i know who and what type of programmers to hire.

If you do nothing to a new website once it’s ‘built’ – you can be sure traffic, after an initial honeymoon period (to give you a taste of how valuable Google traffic is), will plummet and you’ll slump into obscurity. The only ways to gain visibility is to actively promote your website in a manner that Google will reward with rankings – that’s ‘SEO’ – or – pay Google directly in a kind of ‘auction’ for rankings – that’s Google Adwords Pay Per Click.

For small businesses, we provide a search engine friendly website design and development service, ranging from hundreds of pounds to a couple of thousand pounds.

We will build a fully content managed website including purchasing your domain name, content management training and 12 months of hosting from as little as £350!

Our team has a range of skills that enable us to provide you, the client, with access to modern technologies and help to create websites, ecommerce packages, interactive media, mailers and newsletter, email templates and additional functionality to your existing website.

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