Dating a snuggie

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One of them was that I supposedly complained about the drive belt looking cracked. Front brakes, fixing some oil leak, power steering drive…I don’t even remember it all.

- If you've somehow managed to hold off on buying a Snuggie—maybe the promise of warmth or an elaborate Snuggie sex manual didn't sway you—then perhaps the latest, electric-heated version will be the one for you.

Heather Wagner lists 26 possibilities in - Casual observers—meaning late-night TV watchers—probably think the sleeved-blanket craze started with the Snuggie.

A pair of goats dressed in snuggies were found roaming around an Idaho town unattended. If so, we found them near Lake Lowell and Midland Blvd.," police said.

It’s such a beast to cut-n-paste so I’m throwing it up here.

Our ceremony will be on-site at Devils Thumb Ranch, located on High Lonesome Lawn.

The reception will be a few steps away at the High Lonesome Lodge Barn.

He starting reading the paperwork and chuckled as he said “getting close to finishing that warranty”.

I didn’t realize how embarrassing it would be to bring a car in with 49,978 miles for all the free service I could while it lasted.

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