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When Lisa calls a staff meeting to put a stop to the infighting, Laura-Leigh explodes on Stassi for sending her bullying texts.

Scheana nervously prepares for her first live performance at the world-famous Roxy.

Jax wants to get his relationship with Stassi back on track, but his drunken behavior at a birthday party might be the final straw.

28 January 2013The SUR staff heads to Las Vegas for Stassi's birthday, but Scheana stays back to make sure things run smoothly at SUR.

11 February 2013When Jax and Laura-Leigh are caught having sex in SUR's bathroom and Frank insults a customer, Lisa is forced to crack the whip on her staff.

Stassi thinks her life is back on track when she makes up with her old friend Katie and introduces her new boyfriend Frank to her parents, but when an unexpected argument escalates, Stassi finds herself headed for her second break-up of the summer.

7 January 2013Lisa Vanderpump's new hire for SUR, Scheana, is ostracized because of her past affair with a married man.

Scheana's co-worker, Stassi, the self-proclaimed "leader of the pack" leads the charge against Scheana, labeling her a "homewrecker." 14 January 2013The SUR staff celebrate Gay Pride with an over-the-top parade float, but when Stassi catches Scheana and Jax flirting, the fighting and fallout threaten to ruin the day.

However, Ariana definitely came out of her shell during season 4, and was very vocal about her feelings towards Kristen.

The one Schroeder is currently in with her boyfriend of nearly two years, Sirius XM radio host, Patrick Meagher.

“We have our ups and downs, and we've broken up and gotten back together.

At the upper bar of the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel on a chilly, gray December afternoon, sauvignon blanc is flowing and Stassi Schroeder is gossiping.

Herself an experienced mean girl, having spent the last four years as the villainess of She could have left it there, but something in her—maybe the killer instinct that's made her such a good villain, or maybe just the wine—makes her keep going.

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